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“The flavors of the world in a historic place”

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Gastronomy and art

At the heart of our restaurant lies the inspiring story of Chef Eduardo Quevedo, who dedicated years of his life to cooking. After an exciting journey around the world, he returned to Morro de São Paulo with a gastronomic treasure: a menu that is a true fusion of flavors and cultures.

Eduardo's menu incorporates influences from cuisines from different parts of the world, including Peruvian, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai and, of course, the richness of Bahian cuisine. His passion for culinary innovation has resulted in a unique experience that surprises and delights the most demanding palates.

At O Casarão, we seek to transform each dish into a celebration of flavors and an unforgettable culinary journey. If you want a unique gastronomic experience that transports you to different corners of the world without leaving Morro de São Paulo, you've found the right place.

Come visit us and allow us to take you on a gastronomic journey around the world. Experience the unexpected, taste innovation and enjoy special moments with us. Welcome to O Casarão, where gastronomy comes to life!

Do not know where to start? Let the chef surprise you.

Choose one of our chef's 3 suggestive menus,

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Tikka Masala

Dish of Indian origin, known for its originality and richness of flavors. Here our chef adapted this dish with coconut milk, giving it a special touch, and used some spices from Bahia.

We have vegan or vegetarian options, including Filet Mignon, Chicken, Whiting and Shrimp.

Prices on the Digital menu.

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Tagliatelli with shrimp sauce,

Tagliatelle is an Italian pasta that has its roots in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. It is believed to have been created in the 15th century, in the city of Bologna. The wide, flat shape of tagliatelle is characteristic and differentiates it from other pastas, such as fettuccine. In this adaptation, our chef prepared Tagliatelli with shrimp, mushroom and rosemary sauce with a frambado of Fernet Branca and grated parmesan.

Delicious, delicate and striking.


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Mixed moqueca with fish, squid, shrimp and octopus.

The word "moqueca" has Tupi-Guarani origins and refers to an indigenous technique of preparing food. Traditionally, moqueca was made by roasting the ingredients in banana leaves over hot coals. Over time, this technique evolved into the cooked version we know today. Our Mixed Moqueca is an interpretation by Chef Eduardo, a combination of fish, shrimp, squid and octopus. Contains coconut milk and palm oil, it stands out for its vibrant flavors, marked by the freshness of seafood and Bahian spices. Be sure to taste a little of Bahian history in every bite.


Craft drinks


White rum, pineapple, Capim Santo, sugar syrup, tonic, orange juice, hibiscus tea.

Sinhá Moça

Cachaça, lemon, basil, sugar syrup, white wine, ginger foam and hibiscus tea.

Carlota Joaquina

Cachaça, Tahiti lemon, Cassis jelly, Mint, Tonic Water and Hibiscus tea.


Gin, lemon, turmeric reduction, sugar syrup, Brut sparkling wine, Malbec and ginger foam.

customer reviews

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the best on the hill

Incredible service, helpful waiters, great value for money, I recommend it.

-Eduardo, from Recife

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It's worth it here

The moqueca was simply delicious, I recommend it.

- Daniela from São Paulo

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Whenever I come to Morro I will definitely return to this incredible restaurant.

Carlos from Porto Alegre

O Casarão: History, Gastronomy and Art in Morro de São Paulo

The Casarão de Morro de São Paulo is a historic tourist attraction located at the top of Praça Aureliano Lima. Built in 1608 by the Saraiva family, its Portuguese colonial architecture is a testament to the time. Over the years, the Casarão served as a residence, a flour store and even hosted Emperor D. Pedro II.

Today, Casarão houses a restaurant that bears his name, offering a unique gastronomic experience in a historic and charming environment. Additionally, we bring together local artists to further complement your experience.

Join us to explore Casarão and experience the union of history, gastronomy and quality music in Morro de São Paulo. It is the ideal place for romantic dinners, family meals and a musical atmosphere that enriches your visit.

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our location!

We are located in Praça Aureliano Dias, right at the entrance to Morro de São Paulo.

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